Anashim B’pulah

“People in action” at Beth Hallel Lodi

LMH Walk 2018~Vinewood Church~Beth Hallel Lodi 116.ORF[1]

Carrying the Emet Devar (True Word) of Elohim, and the Ahav (Love) of Messiah Yeshua thru out our region.

Jerusalem prayer team 12-9-17 042[5]

Joining in prayer and uniting with the body of Messiah in prayer worldwide.

Jerusalem prayer team 12-9-17 010

Celebrating Chanukah, and remembering the sacrifices of our fathers to preserve the Torah, and the nation of people from whom Mashiach would come.


Enjoying the Sukkah at home, dwelling within it for eight days.


Preparing the Sukkah, and the acting out of the Feast Sukkot as commanded by Adonai. Celebrating the future fulfillment of each element by Mashiach Yeshua to come!